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Meet Kevin Lufkin!

August 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I am excited to introduce you to the incredibly talented Kevin Lufkin. He plays grand pianos, scales walls (no really look at the pictures), and was incredibly fun to shoot! 

Kevin went to school for music at CU Boulder, so we met him up there when he had a recording session, showing off his piano skills. The hall he played in was equally as amazing as the piano he played on, and both made for unique photo ops that I was glad we could take advantage of. 

While I took pictures Kevin played some random things on the piano, and it was hard not to get caught up listening instead of doing my job haha! But listening to him and talking, we realized there are so many parallels between music and photography. The words we use, the things we think about, and the emotions involved seem to be a universal language between all artists. 

It was an awesome experience shooting Kevin at CU Boulder. The hall, the grounds, the walls, and the beautiful CO sun! I love my job and getting to interact with people like him in this beautiful state. 

Kevin is currently working on his website but as soon as it's up, I'll be sure to link it so all of you can check out his music!

Thank you for joining us for a shoot Kevin, we had a great time getting to know you a bit more. Enjoy your preview!

Alex and Leah

Let me introduce you to the lovely Fatima Lily...

June 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes in life you run across a person and in that moment neither of you realizes that you just met someone who will be in your life and inspire you in ways you never imagined. I feel like that about miss Fatima Lily!

Leah and I have known Fatima since we lived in CO the first time, before I became a photographer, or we were technically a couple even. When we met Fatima, Leah and I had just embarked on the most crazy part of our life, and every time Fatima would come around it was like a refreshing cold drink on a hot day. She's got beautiful ideas, wisdom, intuitiveness, creativity, and a bit of spunk & funk all rolled into a gorgeous package. 

We met up this time, to get her some new pictures for the musical side of her talented self. Leah and I both love Fatima's voice, and music... so much so that I recently asked her if I could use one of her songs on our website for our wedding slideshow! If you haven't seen it yet click here

Don't worry we'll wait... 

... ok done? 

She's great right? We think so too, which made collaborating with her to get some pictures such a blast. From the beginning, Fatima knew what she wanted to convey, and that makes my job so fun. She had a vision, we got to create it together. Oh and those eyes, they made it fun too! 

To create Fatima's vision, we needed bright colors, great textures, and all sorts of contrasts! Downtown Denver fit the recipe perfectly. I think we could have shot for the entire day instead of just a couple hours and would never have run out options! I love the character of older things, they tell stories in and of themselves... put an old soul like Fatima in front of them and they compliment each other perfectly. 

Thank you Fatima for trusting us to capture the essence that is you... we had an incredible time and hope you love your pictures. 

Last but not least go and like Fatima on her Facebook Page, and check out her music on Reverb Nation

Enjoy the pictures everyone, and don't forget to call us today to set up your turn!






Meet the Hurt Family!

March 12, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We were so excited when we got invited to the Hurt's home to take their pictures and meet little Lauren. Leah and I have known Lauren's Mom Mikki for a while, but this was our first time getting to meet Lauren, and my first time meeting Patrick as well! 

Let me tell you about Lauren, that little one is SMART.  You can see the wheels turning in her head, and her looking at us like "Why are you guys so silly?" in some of the pictures. All the while, you just want to grab her and eat her up, starting with those delicious cheeks! 

As I said, we were all being silly and entertaining her, but it was us busting into laughter, much more than she was... she definitely knows how to play a crowd, and worked us all like putty in her hands with her awesome character and personality. 

My favorite thing she does though... her crawl! Now she can stand while holding onto stuff, and she can crawl normally... but she prefers to crawl like a zombie! It's the cutest, most hilarious thing I've ever seen. She uses one of her arms and just pulls her whole body along... JUST like a zombie. I got a picture of it, it is the best thing ever. 

We had a great time getting to meet Lauren while taking her 1 year pictures, and it was fun talking to Patrick and Mikki as well. Thanks for having us, we can't wait until next time! Enjoy the preview, the rest will be up soon. 



Baby Photo Bomb! 


Zombie Crawl!


Meet the Hassetts!

July 23, 2013  •  1 Comment

Meet the Hassetts, Scott, Laura, and their daughter Holly! 

Laura is a long time friend of Leah and I. We met here in CO when we all worked together... this was way before I became a photographer. Even back then she was with Scott, in the dating phase. When we moved to TN, we watched each other from afar, Laura and Scott got engaged, married and now they have Holly... meanwhile I was learning photography and Laura kept telling me as soon as I come back she wanted me to capture her family!

On Saturday, I finally got to! We met up with them at their house, which behind it there is an open space trail. You can see the mountains from there and all kinds of rare birds and animals. There is even a spot where bald eagles come to nest every fall!... I'm not sure why I was worried about finding new spots to take picture in CO, every time you turn around there is an awesome spot! 

We decided to go for a walk on the open space trail, where Holly led us all! She is a smart, independent little girl! She has a special "walk blankey" she took with us. It's shorter than the others so it doesn't get dragged, but that way she still has a blankey with her... so cute! 

As we walked we pointed out all kinds of flowers to Holly but she was much more interested in the weeds, and especially the dirt & rocks! Looks like another Tomboy in the making! It all made for such cute pictures and expressions, and was awesome to capture.  

It was so fun getting to catch up with you Laura and Scott... as well as getting to meet little Holly! We can't wait until next time!

Much Love,

Alex and Leah

Meet the beautiful Kohnen Family!

July 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

My favorite part about my job, and I say this a lot, but it gets more true every day... is capturing the beauty and uniqueness of each individual that comes to see me. I get to show you how I see you, with a lens of beauty and diversity. My very favorite thing, is doing it for people who I know and Love. 

Most of you know my history, how I get the privilege of choosing my own friends to call family. People like Sam and her husband Chris, along with their kids Joe and Hailey are why we are so lucky. If you asked me what quality I value in a friend, the number one thing I would tell you is authenticity. The ability to be real, be you! Sam and Chris have this down, and that is why they are two of my favorite people. 

When we decided we were going to move to CO from TN, we knew we had to go through KS where they live and see them! Leah and I have known Sam for quite a while, but it was our first time seeing her in at least 15 years, and the first time meeting her family in person. We felt right at home with them to the point she told me I left my son back in KS when we took back off for CO. I love her son Joe, I'd take that kid any day! 

In any case we finally got to spend the day with them on Tuesday. We had lunch with Sam and the kids, and then they drove us around to find a spot for the photo shoot, it was the best time driving around being silly, listening to Pop and then Country as Sam and Joe competed over the radio. I bet you think it was Joe that wanted the Pop music, nope... Mom is a rock star and likes her Pop Music. 

The day flew by, before we knew it Chris was home from work, and it was time for dinner. Now listen to this one folks. Sam is Vegan, but her family is not. Sam made us the best roast, with roasted veggies, EVER! That meat was so damn good, and she didn't even taste it! Even funnier than that, is Chris and Joe are hunters, they have deer heads in the basement and everything! Love is love, and opposites attract, either way they make an awesome couple

After dinner the sunset was fast approaching! Boy are those KS sunsets amazing and inspiring!!! We got a bunch of pics in before and then the sunset came and went and I had more ideas after the shoot than even before we started!

I adore all the pics from this shoot, but the sunset ones, and the ones at the very end of Chris and Sam with the brown weeds... my favorite! I may or may not have orchestrated the entire setting for this shoot near some of those weeds because of an obsession I have with them... either way, it totally paid off. 

Sam, Chris, Joe, and Hailey, we send our love to all of you, and thank you for letting us capture you for a few moments in time! We'll never forget our time together and can't wait for the next time! 

Enjoy your pictures! 




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